About Glitter and Yarn

Hello! Welcome to Glitter and Yarn, a lifestyle blog about getting creative, making mistakes, saving a dollar, and having a [yarn] ball.

We’re Alora (Yarnball) and Hannah (Glitter), two twenty somethings college roommates with a love for all things beauty, lifestyle and DIY. We decide to start Glitter and Yarn as both a project to procrastinate our impending graduation (and thus separation from each other), and also, because we wanted to share our thrifty, crafty ideas with all of you! Here, you’ll find everything from dollar store steals and product reviews to inspired diy projects and makeup tutorials.

About Page

So kick back, relax, and throw some glitter on it with us, and cheers to being thrifty, nifty and a little bit frisky, because life can always be improved with a little bit of yarn, and a dash of glitter.


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