Meet Yarnball

Hi! I’m Alora–code name Yarnball. I’m a self-proclaimed knitting addict, and I can spend hours browsing or sitting cross-legged on the floor of the yarn aisle in the craft store. I’m obsessed with playing with textures and all things crafty. I am happy if I can lose myself in crafting and cover myself completely in paint. I have a do it yourself attitude, and I would love to have my own vegetable garden one day. I look forward to sharing my ideas for knitting patterns, crafts, and general adventures as a 20 something graduate student living on her own.

Hannah (aka Glitter) was my freshman year roommate after we both had particularly botched random placements. We may no longer live together, but we’ve been roommates (and besties) ever since. My other half Glitter and I both wrote for an online publication in college. But, we wanted to take our love for writing a step further. Enter our project Glitter and Yarn! While Glitter takes charge of the more creative and designing aspects of the blog, I have enthusiastically taken up the rear with financing, planning, and the logistical side of things. We will be working together to provide you with killer content. I hope we can share our passion and love for glitter and yarn with you.