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I got the inspiration for this project while browsing Pinterest (as many of my bright ideas do!). I was scrolling along when I saw Scrubby yarn. I raised an eyebrow. What in the world would anyone want to do with icky scratchy yarn? Then, I read the packaging “Great for Washcloths!” Well ladies and gentlemen, I have been on a washcloth knitting spree the past few months. Funds have been tight, and cotton 100% yarns tend to be the most cheapest option at the craft stores I frequent. I was sold once it hit me that I could step up my washcloth/dishcloth game.

I got thinking. I knew that I didn’t want to use this particular yarn. I wanted to experiment a little bit. So, I headed to the craft section of the nearest store and picked out some cotton (for its absorbency) and craft tulle (for its skritch scratchy texture). I knit these two together. I didn’t bother cutting the tulle down, because I knew I wanted to have a thick and dense-ly knit finished product.

Scrubby Pattern:



  • 1 Ball of 100% cotton yarn: I used…. “Peaches and Cream”
    • 100% Cotton Yarn. Worsted Weight.
    • 120yds
    • 2.5 oz
  • Size US 8/ 5mm knitting needles
  • 1 Spool of Tulle
    • 6″ x 25 yd



  • Cast on 20 stitches holding both the cotton yarn and tulle together
  • Knit in the garter stitch until you have 20 ridges
  • Cast off
  • Weave in ends

Optional: I left a little loop while weaving in the ends on one side. This way I can hang mine up!



Button Barrettes!

Hey guys! Yarnball here. You may be wondering, what became of the craft store adventures? Were Glitter and Yarnball able to make sense of all the parts we purchased from Upcycle Parts Shop? Well, yes. Yes we did!

I got a bunch of buttons. Tons of buttons. I purchased bags of buttons, in fact! All weekend, I’ve been pondering what I’m going to do with this excessive amount of buttons. So, I tore apart the craft drawer in my dorm room, and I found some barrettes backs! I’m always looking for stuff to put in my hair. I knew I found a crafting winner!

This was a simple project that I was able to put together and wear immediately after.

All you need is:

-Barrette backs
-The buttons of your choice!
-A glue gun

1.) Pick the buttons of your choice!


2.) Heat up your glue gun!


3.) Stick on the buttons with the glue gun, and allow the glue to dry.



4.) Wear your new creation with pride!