Button Barrettes!

Hey guys! Yarnball here. You may be wondering, what became of the craft store adventures? Were Glitter and Yarnball able to make sense of all the parts we purchased from Upcycle Parts Shop? Well, yes. Yes we did!

I got a bunch of buttons. Tons of buttons. I purchased bags of buttons, in fact! All weekend, I’ve been pondering what I’m going to do with this excessive amount of buttons. So, I tore apart the craft drawer in my dorm room, and I found some barrettes backs! I’m always looking for stuff to put in my hair. I knew I found a crafting winner!

This was a simple project that I was able to put together and wear immediately after.

All you need is:

-Barrette backs
-The buttons of your choice!
-A glue gun

1.) Pick the buttons of your choice!


2.) Heat up your glue gun!


3.) Stick on the buttons with the glue gun, and allow the glue to dry.



4.) Wear your new creation with pride!


Glitter and Yarnball take a Trip to the Craft Store

In order to properly kick of our entrance into the blogosphere, we decided to take a trip to a craft store to spark our creativity!

Craftstore Collage

We checked out Upcycle Parts Shop on the east side of Cleveland. It was our first time going there, and we are so glad we decided to go; this place had everything we could imagine!

Shopping collage

Alora picked up some a lot of stuff for her upcoming printmaking project, including some wind corks, milk carton tops, tiles, and some old keys! Hannah found very interesting odds and ends, like chess pieces, tealights and a few old chains, all of which she plans to cover in glitter.


What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever found at a craft supplies store?

Glitter and Yarnball ♡

If you want to find out more about Upcycle Parts Shop, you can find them Here. Tell them Glitter and Yarnball sent you.