Meet Glitter

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah, otherwise known as the glitter half here at Glitter and Yarn. I currently a senior English and Philosophy double major at John Carroll University, a small liberal arts school in Northeastern Ohio.


My freshmen year roommate match up was a less then stellar situation, so when my former roommate approached me about wanted to move in with her friend, I enthusiastically agreed, even though it meant I would be moving in with a girl I never met before. That girl turned out to be Alora (aka Yarnball), and instead of just getting a roommate, I got a best friend.

Alora and Hannah

I handle the most artistic aspects to running our blog, including creating artwork to upload, and taking and editing photos of our crafty adventures, while Yarnball does more of the business side of it all. I love to write about all things beauty and lifestyle, but make up is my personal favorite.

Hannah Collage

Fast Facts

Loves: ice cream, dogs, and ice creams shaped like dogs.

Hates: movie endings, buying groceries, and saying goodbye.

Dream Job: I would love to work in publishing at Penguin Random House. Or be a princess of a small island in the Pacific. My current skill set is really suited for either.

Special Skills: I can juggle and speak Japanese. At the same time.