Wide Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial

What to make your eyes look bigger? Here is 3 simple tips to widen those windows to the soul.

1. Use Primer

Primer Open

In addition to making your eye makeup last longer, primer brightens your eyes and makes them look bigger, as well as intensifies any eyeshadow color you put on top of it. I love to use Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion.

2. Place Color Above Your Crease


Placing the darkest eyeshadow color right above where your natural crease is makes your eyes looks wider, while putting the color all over your lid darkens and appears to shrink your eye.

3. Use Eyeliner to Enhance


lining the outside of your eyes, and not all the way around opens us your eyes and makes them look farther apart.

Glitter ♥

What’s your favorite eye makeup tip?


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